Taco Tuesday; Andale! andale!

What do we know of Mexico? For us who have watched El Chapo (and are waiting for season 2) it is a testament to the single-minded efforts people will employ to succeed (that’s the summarised PG version). I have seen some other series and pictures of Mexico on national geographic, it is a beautiful place with a strong food culture whose tentacles have spread allllll  the way to Uganda.

It is a beauty when good things come to Kisementi and us mortals with tiny wallets can afford them. Things such as Taco Tuesday at The Littler donkey and guys, I know what you’re thinking-the price is low so the food is really small too. 7K equals 1 jacket potato type of thing. No, it’s not like that.

This is what 7k got me.

To clarify, this veges only dish is usually 10k but by a stroke of fate, I was there on a Tuesday when they had a 25% off offer.  They have other offers running through the week but I have not yet learnt what those are.


The wallet is coming up again; but imagine you have a semi-circular wallet in front of you..and you can’t really see what’s inside it…confusing analogy? The point is the tacos were closed and very neat and orderly on the outside so you will be curious about what’s on the inside.  A bit like that girl who stands quietly at the back of the dance floor (do we still have those?) You wonder what will happen when she rips off those glasses, throws her hair back and takes the stage.

I peeped and it was mess of goodness!  Avocado, black beans, cheese, red lettuce…I’ll let you discover the rest.

What I like when I order a meal is getting more than I ordered! Gonja and crisps…which I learnt are called Nachos also came with.

So imagine your regular chapatti, only not fried. Then pack that with all sorts of nice stuff.


Hmm, I suppose I was too hungry to take the time to smell. Take this to mean the aromas were negligible.


The Gonja was sweet, I expected no less. The Nachos…a fairly new taste to me were…for lack of a better word, crisp. I had ordered chilli and the first bite awakened all the taste buds at once. My mouth was going through some sort of discovery. Even though I had obviously peeped, it was an adventure picking the flavours apart…and there was something sweet in there too…


This is a meal that you eat with your fingers! And I must point out that there was no need to wipe any oil off a napkin…isn’t it nice to eat something that is not dipped and swimming in oil? The texture is between a really light dehydrated chapatti and an extremely slim piece of naan. The Taco insulates you from the fillings which were full of cool (in every sense of the word) juices. Unfortunately the innards were too heavy for it and they spilled out en masse after one bite. I then resorted to the fork. The crisps/nachos were hard and brittle, the gonja soft.


“You will afford!” was the chef’s true declaration after my concern (in a super super low voice) that I might not have enough cash in the wallet.  I was seated far from the preparation place so I could only hear the music and me and my neighbour’s sounds as we ate. His was a mild pant because of the chilli, go mild if you are not chilli friendly.

And again

Eat this when you feel like Kampala is boring and you want a culinary escape.

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