Shame! Unless you were raised poorly, shame is what you will feel after the waitress at Papi’s in Ntinda brings your bill. I NEVER want to say that a place gives a lot of food lest they take that as a cue to reduce the portions but for the greater good, for the sake of the hard earned money in your wallet, for the bargain hunter in you, I will say it now. Papi’s gave us a big pizza.

Sincerely look at the size of this pizza…it is 25k, and it’s not even vegetarian. It’s bacon and chicken.



I know someone who says she eats first with her eyes. It is a valid point but sometimes food looks different from the way it tastes. Case in point: The cheese looked super gooey and I was imagining that it would stretch like that one on TV. The chicken is white so it blended in with the cheese and I had imagined that it was all bacon and no chicken. The red and yellow chillies were a nice touch.

That pizza LOOKed impossible to finish in one seating.


It’s good. It’s real good. The best way to enjoy the taste of food is to eat it when you are not starving. Then you can go beyond words like ‘good’ and ‘tasty’. My apologies. That said, the pizza was scrumptious, which is to mean that it was delicious, mouth-watering and juicy. This is a quality that I normally find in pizza that has tomatoes. This one didn’t but it was moist.  I added some chili because I wanted a bit of a kick. I did like that it was…soft. You know how at times the edges of pizza have to be left on the plate because they have been singed by the oven and are too hard. Well not in this case. See what I mean?


And then



I was expecting a woody or smoky smell given that it is prepared in a wood fired oven. But no, no, smoke. Just a slight aroma that I would describe as warm and inviting.


It is interesting that something that was obviously just made was at such a manageable temperature. Anyway, the crust is thin…but it is not hard and what a wonder! You’d expect a soft crust to be big and almost bready. It wasn’t. This pizza was good bambi.

Now if only they would add an option to buy per slice.





Faith Hill on the radio singing  ‘This kiss’

(I swear if I you’re not there with your best friend and you’re not worried that the waiter might bring you a bigger bill for the obviously larger size pizza you didn’t order but ate, then that song and  the bu kerosene lamps and the concluded drizzle would make for one romantic evening!)

Eat here when you are looking for a food joint that is cat free!


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