Hot dog at Farm house

The mix of bread and meat is not an original Ugandan concept but we have taken to it. A lot of restaurants now offer hot dogs on the menu and some of them have made it something that is a delight to order. Ready in seconds and you can eat it like a rolex-on the go.

I ate at these 2 different places and as opposed to writing just one post, I thought it better to do a separate one for each eatery.

This is for the one at Farmhouse at the Kurb Kisementi. And you can follow the link Hot dog at Charlie’s place to read about the one at Charlie’s place at Krishna mall

To start, there are a couple of things that were distracting about this place. First, the fact that they are the guys that make the Greek yoghurt I can only ever find at Capital shoppers and nowhere else ever. That yoghurt is great and deserves its own post.

The second was the nice staff. I daresay good staff can make a lackluster meal go down easier. That wasn’t necessary here, the hot dog was nice. I decided to try something different and ordered the burt dog and Nordic potato salad instead of the usual hot dog and chips (which are also on menu). My concern about potato salad being too cold was quickly calmed by the madam behind the counter who said, no I can make you a fresh one; queue smile.


The first thing that came to mind when I was served the hot dog was ‘A house of cards!’. No the first thing that came to mind was…how come the food is on paper buvela and in small baskets? Then I went to-this hot dog might collapse any second now. The arrangement of the onions is very much like a piece of art in a fancy gallery. You might knock it over and be asked to pay for it. The sausage has the look of a taut balloon that might pop open if you fool around with a pin near it.



Nothing to report here


It’s always an adventure when there is no cutlery or you are unable to use the cutlery…the hot dog was gooey ish and as expected it collapsed upon the first bite. Onions flying hither and thither. Be sure to ask for enough napkins or you’ll be licking your hands, fingers after every bite. No one will look at you. I checked. They must be used.


Biting into the sausage, the reflex is to hold it far from your face-expecting the balloon to pop. But of course it doesn’t because the meat is intact. The switch between textures, from a taut exterior to super soft inside is interesting and fun. And it is a delicious sausage.

I tend to avoid potato salad because of the heavy mayonnaise so I was sooo happy to find that the dressing they used was youghurt! Greek youghurt. The mix which had parsley and dil (an herb I only learned about that day) made me feel like I had done a good job of ordering a “healthy meal”. The yoghurt might be a slightly sharp, but do give it a try. Luckily, it works well with the hotdog.



Dumchi dumchi dumchi ducmchi (that’s the sound of the music at the bar upstairs)

The meal costs 12k.

Eat this when you want a twist to the usual hotdog.







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