Muffin at Lemon Grass


A picture tells a thousand words. Just look at these muffins. You can see the moistness…the raisins, the subtle construction akin to a sandcastle; it looks like if you were to tap it, it would fall apart in the right way, with a lopsided smile on its face,  leaving part of it standing at a giddy angle…Ahhhh, would that I were a poet! I usually leave these types of sentiments for describing alcoholic drinks but you muffin from Lemon grass, you have got me, you floor me every time, please do not change.



First, what is the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? One thing most people agree on is that a cupcake has frosting and a muffin doesn’t. As you can see this is icing sugar free. Lately, this muffin not only sports raisins but some  bits of chocolate too, which you can see right there.


Milk! That’s what these babies smell like. Inhale deep. I read somewhere that smell is the sense that triggers the furthest memories and that it is easier to remember something by smell than from the other senses. I don’t know how true this is but this smell reminds me of happy days.


See you might be afraid to even touch it for fear of breaking the perfection but go on and do it. It’s a bit spongy and very soft. The chef’s secret and not so secret ingredient is butter! It accounts for that not-brick like texture you get from most cakes/muffins/cupcakes on the market. If you are eating there they will serve you with a knife and fork but don’t expect a lot of grease so feel free to go native on it.


This muffin is sweeeeet. If you are a sweet tooth, this is Christmas. If not so much, take it with tea with no sugar, that’s what I did. Also this muffin has raisins and on my last sojourn there they had even added other dried fruit. So what this does is that it introduces different shades of, sweet? It’s a bit like, eating glucose (the powdered kind) and having a banana or a cube of chocolate. Different sweets but all sweets. This is good.



Just a question statement from the lady behind the counter. You want one of these.?(Pointing to the muffins)

PS, I told a friend about this place, he visited and his review was just as teary as mine. Happy tears.

Eat this when you want a super affordable decadent treat. Muffins at Lemon Grass Ntinda (next to UNEB) go for 3k.





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