Asali Wa Moyo honey

So honey has many faces. Who knew? Not me. I’m ashamed to say that I had only one word to describe honey and that word is sweet. But when I read the Asali Wa Moyo facebook page and they claimed that honey is as nuanced as wine and chocolate…I mean I had to go taste. Keep reading, there’s something for you to win.

The science of how honey tastes is down to the flowers in the area. Honey can also have many colours; brown, coffee, light brown, orange or yellow. Like so


How Asali  Wa Moyo does it is they get honey from all over the country so that we the end buyers can enjoy a wide range of flavours. You could say you can taste Uganda in this honey.

Take for instance the batch from owner, Sandie Ejang’s own farm in the West of Uganda.

It is thick with a deep brown colour. The one word I could use to describe this taste is wholesome. I know, but that’s the word. This ‘full bodied honey’ has hints of family and warmth. The flavour is more floral than fruity and perhaps this is down to the fact that the hives are surrounded by lantana camara flowers (wild sage).


Honey, Ugandana honey,

From Lira in northern Ugandan came a honey taste I had not anticipated- a bitter after taste! A young boy present just said it was just bitter. I loved it though. The suspicion is that this strong unique flavor stems from the Shea nut trees in the region. This is bold honey.

The batch from the Ik tribe in Karamoja was interesting. I at first thought it had a slight memory of something like the taste of alcohol (I wish) but on a second try,  it was most certainly an orangey- citrus flavor.


So aside from the honeys across the regions, (I must mention that the business is socially conscious and empowers farmers by training them, organizing them in groups and providing microfinance in the form of hives, for which they pay back with 30% of their harvested honey) there are batches infused with cinnamon, cloves and even garlic.

Honey products

There was also this batch of honey with the comb at 15,000shs and a scented candle also at 15,000shs which could be yours for the taking.

Asali Wa Moyo honey

All you have to do is;

Step 1: Like the Asali Wa Moyo facebook page

Step 2: Recommend the page to just  5 of your friends and get them to like it.

Step 3: Drop me an email at with the list of your people’s names.

Step 4: I ask you where the Asali Wa Moyo team can deliver your goodies!

PS. There is only one jar and one candle for give away, so first come, first served.

Update: Stella Opentyo Muwa wins the goodies! Congs Stella. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t win next time. Follow blog (if you haven’t already) to get new posts in your email and you’ll be the first to know about offers like these.


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