Steak, red wine sauce, fine dinning, silhouette restaurant, dinner

Silhouette turns meals into Art

When a place only serves dinner, you’d expect that they do it well. Because they are sleeping while other restaurants are busy doing breakfast and lunch. You’d expect that all their love and attention would go into that dinner…and that the dishes would be close to perfection. If that place is Silhouette, you’d be right.

Now first ignore the decor and the beautiful rustic setting, leave all that and focus on what brought you. The food. Silhouette will offer you a 3 course meal for a price that will not leave you stranded in Industrial area (I am allll about the price.) I had a brief chat with the chef after (because i am now a person who does that, so i will throw some of his words in there). I’ll focus on the main course because if i delve into the details of everything i ate, we shall sleep here.


starter, silhouette restaurant Uganda Kampala

“1 or 2 buns?” One of course! I always like to leave as much room as i possibly can for the main course. The bread is made at the restaurant so it is fresh. I love bread that isn’t too soft; the kind that would form a soft ball if you were to squeeze it. The bread i love is a bit coarse or crumbly. Like this one.

Appetiser: Fish fingers on a bed of lettuce?


Wrong! Those are Chicken goujons (chicken fingers)

chicken goujons, s

Now Chef Ali says this is part of their speciality; that they like to give you something unexpected. If like me, you only know fish to look like this,  it will be a welcome surprise. The texture of the chicken was firm and yet well done. The goujons went well with the tartar sauce.

Main course: Pan fried steak with red wine sauce, served with mashed potatoes.


By the time i was done with the appetiser, i could hear the main dish from the kitchen.  Sizzling. Chef Ali says their kitchen is a studio…where they make art out of food. Wow! And that their food is curated…you will see why in a bit.


Looks like a fish! See the gills-the green beans. The SAUCE makes the shape of the body, the tail-the steak, and then the rest of the body is the mashed potatoes with the garnish as the eye! This is when i decided i’d talk to the chef.

Steak, red wine sauce, fine dinning, silhouette restaurant, dinner

This could not be a surprise; the appetiser looked like fish fingers, the main dish looked like a fish, but neither was fish. Do you guys see it too? Or is it just me? Please let me know in the comments  Ya, it was no accident. The meals are curated.



The steak was, as per my request, very well done (my Ug roots die hard y’all) I would just like you to take a close look at this colour. Dark on the outside, lighter on the inside. How come meat cooked at home never looks this way?

The steak had hints of rosemary and the aroma of black pepper.



The sauce is creamy and slightly tart. Now combine that with the mashed potatoes that were so evenly blended with a touch of butter so light you could miss it, and you have this explosive mix in your mouth. It tastes like there’s a bit of cheese.

It is a red wine sauce so that rich flavour is really in there too. The chef says…combining all these elements requires a bit of a balancing act. Cool guy, that chef Ali.

Eat here when you remember that you are worth it and deserve an experience of a meal.

The main course goes for between 35 and 40k, the appetiser from 15 to about 18k. Dinner is served from 6pm to 11pm. Silhouette is located on 7th street industrial area, plot 110-112.

3 thoughts on “Silhouette turns meals into Art

  1. Anonymous says:

    Indeed Silhouette is a place to go, it’s like a Ghost hidden restaurant where culinary and art are in fusion, this is definitely one of my favorite restaurant is Ug, for all your birthday diners, group diners and romantic diners ofcourse this is the right place “Silhouette “


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