Food is so inseparable from travel that one of the best things about leaving home, is eating away from home.  Have you travelled? Do you want to share foodexperiences (we’re trying to make that a word) with us, our readers and your friends? Take a few pictures, drop us an email  at and we shall feature you in the section Cuisines from for and wide 

By Milly and Nathan

At La Colombe in South Africa, your sense of sight is going to go wild! So much to see. What greeted us was a set menu with like 12 separate items.



You can choose some. We ate everything.

Believe it or not, this is passion fruit

IMG-20180813-WA0010 (2)


Yes that is dry ice flowing from the bird’s nest? Let’s go with bird’s nest. It was cool to the Touch, Smelled…and tasted…we could almost hear the mama bird coming back home to attack us for stealing her babies (lol, i exaggerate)

IMG-20180813-WA0008 (2).jpg

You can now see where the Bird’s nest analogy gets even stronger. Its like this is a wide view of the entire forest,complete with clouds! Zoom in to this perhaps and you will be able to see the passion fruit.

Yes that is cotton candy, marshmellows and candy.


Then there was…


On top of all that-yes there is more, there were so many servers with different accents and characters. They gave lengthy, intricate, impassioned descriptions of each dish-these were immediately forgotten. One of them had the most theatrical presentation. He bowed when he was explaining the dishes.

Here’s to none boring vegetarian dishes, and yes, we were stuffed! Visit La Colombe when you get a chance, it will be worth it.


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