Pit Masters’ Pork pulled burger

Isn’t it just the best thing, to be seated there, just minding your business and then have your burger delivered to you?


This is how Pit masters does it. You call them, they deliver. You’ll say everyone does that these days. I hear you but, what most foods do with a lot of dishes is follow the prescribed recipe. These guys don’t do that, they switched it up, the result, an awesome burger.

To my friends who say ‘I don’t want a burger cos it so heavy’. You will like this one. To those who never eat them because of the TOMATO SAUCE etc THEY PUT IN THERE-I’m talking to you Pearl (Pearl is a picky eater). Ya, try the pit pulled pork burger.

What I loved most about this burger is that it made up its mind to be something and it stuck to that and owned it. “I’m a burger who does not conform. Cheese? Look elsewhere. Tomatoes and onions to make you love me? No thanks”.

And yet the few ingredients it carries, are laden with explosive flavours. Even colour wise, the palette is very decided. It would make my friend Eugene happy. (Eugene is a graphic designer). Brown bun, sprinkling of similarly coloured sim sim, charred bun on the inside, brown meat, green pickles, green lettuce.



I think it is testament to a meal when after you eat, you call/whatsapp the chef and say, but chef…what did you do here? How did you do it?

You guys don’t do that? I do it allll the time.

So bite per bite

Bite 1

That sauce…mind blowing. It’s hard to describe something new, you need time to form the vocabulary.


Bite 2

Firm juicy pork, infused with that sauce. It is brined and this makes it even more juiiiiiccccyyy. No dry meat here.

Bite 3

A pickle

Bite 4

A little juice on your cheeks. The mark of good food is that it is unconfined. It wanders from your mouth and your fingers and tongue have to bring it to heel.  By bite 4, you have reached the point where all that stuff is a medley.


Smell of the sauce that wakes your stomach, you smell the meal before you even see it.


Despite it’s  journey from Mutungo to Ntinda, the burger was still warm to the touch. The charred bun prevents the juices from soaking through keeping the whole thing firm. The   bottom bun was a little softer.


There is a mistaken belief that a burger has to be huge and domineering. This one isn’t. You will get a peek of the lettuce and the pork under the charred bun.


The unwarapping of the paper bag-then the foil-then the innermost paper


Just so I could believe my own taste buds I called my neighbour and said “ Taste this” and she said, wide eyed, “The sauce” and “Juicy”. If you have eaten a dry burger before-you will understand.

This is great for meat lovers…the pulled pork used in the burgers is different from patty burgers in that the flavors are very evenly spread out. Front to back, in and out and all over. It is also lighter and easier to chew. The pork has a slight smokey flavor.

The taste of sim sim popped up later.



Just kidding, i ate that piece too.

So the chef confirmed my theory; “The idea is to highlight the smoked pulled pork as best as possible and addition of tomatoes and cheese detracts from that-unlike a traditional burger.”

About that sauce, yes they make it and they will soon be selling it. Please…do not snooze, buy it. It’s called O.G BBQ sauce.

Eat this when you want a great new taste to a meal you think you already know. The pit pulled burger goes for 15k.

See a bit of the menu.


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