Whats pink on the inside, full of seeds and is very good for you?

Some people love fruits, other people do not care either way but guavas are in season and that’s just one of the reasons to pick one up. Other reasons?

 2. This ‘local’ fruit has more vitamin C than an orange. Yes. So next time you want to prevent (not treat) a cough, run not to buy oranges, run to buy guavas. Vitamin C is also great for the skin because as you know, it repairs tissue and strengthens your immune system.



3.Mother nature had us covered before the drug industry ever came alive. Guavas are good for the digestive tract. They don’t only come in play when you’re constipated though. 1 little guava has 12% of the fiber you need per day. Eat a guava daily and you’ll  NEVER be constipated EVER AGAIN-probably.

4. Guava smells great, is the right amount of sweet and tangy and rivals carrots for vitamin A. If you have only been eating carrots to protect your eyes, you can switch it up and throw a guava in every now and then.

Guava uganda

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