shawarama at meza kisementi

Shawarma at Meza

Photo by: Badstyle Ugandan

This is going under the street food section because although the meal comes from an established restaurant, it is right on the street and more importantly, we ate on the street.

Those of a certain age will remember that Alzawade used to occupy that ka square and like me, marvel at the way Meza has filled it up! It’s like how babies make space of a tiny womb and just expand it-amazing.

Yes, so the shawarma at Meza in Kisementi .
Why this is very reminiscent of street food is that you have a chance to look at your food as it is being prepared. The rotisserie is laden with chicken and the chef chops the vegetables in front of you in what really looks like a matter of seconds. We had the chicken one and it was good. It is always good. A few people who have had the beef shawarma tell me they prefer the chicken because it has no twigs (parsley or maybe rosemary) and of course they prefer the softer texture of the chicken. Those are the two reasons I sometimes go for the beef.

I always love “mashups” where you can tell the beginning of one thing and the end of the other. You know, Jay Z ends here and Linkin park starts there and yet they still manage to make such a great thing together. This way, I can taste every flavor before they collapse into a medley when I chew.

You will be able to pick out the chicken, which is not only generously spread out but is also super juicy, on this occasion, juicer than previous times and also, the lettuce and the onions.
This is just the perfect chicken meal for when you are in a rush and need to fill up real quick but don’t want to deal with chicken bones.
Meza has this GREAT garlic sauce…that’s the white tin on the ground and the angriest chilly (the orange tin) I have tasted in a long long time.


Do give it a try. As with most street food, the secret ingredient is the right company.

Shawarmas at Meza go for between 11 and 15k.

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