Baron south africa


Food is so inseparable from travel that one of the best things about leaving home, is eating away from home.  Have you travelled? Do you want to share foodexperiences (we’re trying to make that a word) with us, our readers and your friends? Take a few pictures, drop us an email  at and we shall feature you in the section Cuisines from far and wide 


It was my second day  in SA and  believe me when I say eating was on the top of my to-do list even though I wanted to stay indoors on this cold evening. So, i tried to figure out what I could order in.
‘Google is your friend’, I had always been told, so I hit up the guys to see what I could find.

KFC, Nandos, McDonald’s came up as the only near options…. Nah mehn I could find those at home in UG. The search went on until i stumbled onto this restaurant called Baron. Boy oh boy did the pork rack look great. It looked so good the thought of ordering in temporarily disappeared, into the Uber I went, I needed to pick up my meal and see this place.

IMG-20181003-WA0006 (2).jpg

Looks disappointing? Not at all…just like the  smell that welcomed me, i knew I was in for a treat.
With my meal in hand, i jumped into an Uber to go back home. That ride was a challenge. I was ready to pig out, but i thought i should represent the Ugandan people and ‘behave’ and only eat when i got back to my destination. Plus,  i also thought i’d make the driver hungry if i started eating. He did let me know though that I wouldn’t be disappointed with Baron… 🤤🤤

I got home, loosened my clothes, ready for the feast.
I opened my box and i saw what was going to be a truly orgasmic meal…. Guys, I kid you not.
A huge pork rack, nice long salty French fries and onion rings.


The pork was so juicy, so soft, so tender and salted to perfection.


The marinade. You could taste it deep inside Inadi meat, thank gosh I was alone, cause the ooohhh and aahhss….. How do I explain this without turning into Stella Nyanzi?
I shall keep it PG…..

Don’t get me started on the quantity.


Baron (in 4 ways) did naaatt lie.
It was pure heaven

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