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Grasshoppers again

Does it still count as street food if it’s bought on the street and then prepared at home?

Even though i was expecting this to happen, i knew it would happen, it was still exciting to open the window and see the sky littered with green. People have tried to package grasshoppers and make them available all year round but of course they will never be as fresh. And that would leave us with nothing but moustaches and beards to look forward to in November.

what do grasshoppers taste like

Right now, grasshoppers are available on most streets  but if you are feeling it, you can carry the raw ones home and make them yourself-it’s cheaper. The genuine taste of street food is impossible to replicate at home-that is why rolex will never taste as good in your clean kitchen as it does off the greasy, dusty road so lower your expectations a bit. That is step 1. Step 2 is frying and that is easier than step 1.

Wash pop them in the pan and add salt. That is it. Things like onions, chillies and pepper can also be added. They don’t adulterate the grasshopper taste, they just add another layer of flavour. Stir for a few minutes.



And how do you know they are ready? Besides the change of colour from green to brown/yellow, there is a little, just a little craft to knowing (if you don’t have it, just taste as you go along) . If they are not ready, they don’t have their unique taste. But if they are over cooked, they become too dry and lose their unique taste.

What do grasshoppers taste like? That is a mystery we have tried but failed to answer. A bit, just A BIT like chicken?

One question we can answer  that came up last year is can eating too many make you sick? Yes eating too many grasshoppers will definitely make your stomach sick. Don’t get carried away by the taste and over indulge.


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