great burgers kampala

Great Burgers’ Burger

This is a PSA; please do not buy those burgers that are tightly wrapped in cellophane and put behind glass display counters. DO NOT. Always buy a burger that is made on order, fresh. End of announcement.

Burger spots are popping up all over the city and there are some people like Great burgers and Pit masters who are doing a very good job at it. Other people, not so much. Great burgers is the only one we are yet to find whose speciality is actually burgers…they are called Great burgers after all. They have other things on offer too but in the words of Rihanna, (or whoever wrote that song) This is what you came for.

The Great burger!


Great burgers Kampala

First, burgers never look like they do in the pictures or on the menu. So do not be disappointed. The picture looks puffed up but the burger was flat. I was so very hungry, i’m sorry i did not take a picture before biting in.

American burger and chips Uganda


Everything is fresh. Like ultra fresh. The bread is baked on site and your tongue will be able to tell. It has a tight crumb so there will be no flying about of bread. The tomatoes seem like they have just been plucked, the onions too, the lettuce. The patty melds to the bread so that in one bite you will be able to taste both meat and bun.

My taste buds had a hard time finding the cheese, indeed i almost paid for more but the taste later surfaced towards the end of the meal. They should think of adding a bit more cheese.



On first bite, you will notice that the texture of everything is soft and tender. Soft and slightly warm. This is a burger even children will have an easy time eating.

There is this deceptive thing burgers do. At the beginning you are filled with great confidence that you will finish the meal and ask for more, but i am yet to hear of someone who eats more than one burger, any kind, in one sitting. There is the burger with no chips option…it will still fill you up.


They run a promo called The Great 3 some Wednesday where you get 3 burgers and chips, 3 drinks and 3 ice creams at 40k. Yes i ate there with friends and failed to finish that. I dare you to. Check there Facebook page. Great burgers on Facebook

I know we never include this, keeping it all about the food, but the service at this place is spectacular. The tall gentleman who served me that day was very good, i can’t remember his name sadly. But even when i ate there earlier in the year, there was a lady whose name i still cant recall who was also very good. Consistency. (This is the Forest mall branch)

The great burger with chips goes for about 20k

Eat here when you want to be treated like your money matters.

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