B is for Brood

Don’t turn up your nose when people say to you; ‘You are what you eat.’ It is true. If you eat over processed, high cholesterol stuff, it is going to show. Now…think about something most of us eat almost every day-bread. If you eat fake bread every day, by the end of the year, it’s going to show. As you make your new year’s resolutions (you have to start early), add one to Eat better and mean it by giving Brood bread a go.

At Brood they do things a little differently, a lot differently in fact. Theirs is a healthier option. The bread has no added sugar, no fat and no preservatives. It’s just flour, salt, Sourdough and water. That alone should be enough to convince you to switch to Brood but we’ll give you 3 more reasons.


  1. Regular bread contains this thing called Phytic acid. It prevents the absorption of nutrients like iron and magnesium that are in your bread. In sourdough bread though, phytic acid is greatly reduced meaning you get more nutrient value out of your bread.
  2. Whole wheat sourdough bread has more fiber which is very good for your gut. The fact that the bread is more ‘coarse’ than the regular ‘soft’ bread is a very good thing.
  3. Sourdough bread has higher protein content with about 4 grams per slice.

The bread from Brood is supposed to be sold the day it lands in the stores. If it is not sold that day, it has to be recalled. This means that you will only ever get fresh bread. Ever.


But what if I buy it and can’t consume a loaf in a day?  There’s a hack for that. Here’s what you do, just freeze it.

Not in the fridge, in the freezer. Because as Master baker Kasoa Nicholas-says, the fridge will only accelerate the moulding process. He has over 15 years’ experience in the industry so I would listen to him if I were you.

When you are ready to consume it, remove it, let it thaw and then microwave it or pop it in the oven and it will become crunchy again.

He says they generally discourage keeping your bread on the shelf. ‘We encourage you to eat it as fresh as possible. Our concept is to give people fresh bread Every Day.’ He says Every.Day. like that. As two separate words which makes me think that we have been eating bread wrong all our lives. It sounds like Fresh.Bread.Every.Day is gospel truth.


Whole wheat bread decorated with bran

As human beings, we get bored with things. And regular bread can get boring to the point that you don’t even taste what you eat anymore-you’re just doing it mechanically because it is part of your routine. I wish my favourite baker had various types of bread, you may have carelessly wondered. Brood does have a variety. You’re never going to get bored.

Multi grain bread, Spelt bread, Rustic, white oval, Whole wheat, seed bread-introduced about 2 months ago, rye bread and more.


Multi grain bread

Also…the bread just doesn’t taste good. It looks good. After it is baked, they take time to make it look pretty.

Take a look the multi grain for instance; sim sim, sunflower, oats which also ups the nutritional content of your bread. Whole wheat is decorated with bran, spelt with sunflower seeds.

And because tis the season, Brood is doing something exciting for Christmas. Click to see the season only delights.

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