What are you eating this Christmas? Brood has an offer

December is here and the lights are going up in the stores and homes. We have found our holiday pants, the ones with the loose elastic that lets you eat with no guilt. We are ready for all the Christmas food, because that’s what Christmas is really about. Yes family, religion and presents…but mostly The Food.

Brood is ready too. Christmas is no joke over there, the factory is a bustle of activity as they add some delights to their menu to suit the season. Starting with this number that is called Christmas Bread.

How to describe this decadent treat?


Take another look


And another one


The process starts with soaking raisins, currants and more in brandy for about a week. This mixture is kept in the fridge and is later baked in the bread. It also has milk, sugar and butter. The result? An extra rich flavour. If you want these in large numbers, you’ll have to make an order. But for now, if you want a taste, just walk over to the Brood nearest to you and ask them! They will be sampling this delight from the 5th of December to the 1st of January.

2. Oliebollen

This is a deep fried delicacy that looks a bit like mandazi. But, Oliebollen also gets the Christmas bread treatment with the raisins and currants soaked for a week in brandy.  ‘Except we add apples, raisins and a little bit of beer. Ugandan beer.’ Nicholas the master baker adds.

I know what some of you are thinking but alcohol evaporates at high temperatures so anyone can eat these.No excuses.

3. Ginger bread man

Nothing says Christmas like this treat.

4. Pepernoten and Kruidmoppen

If the names are hard to digest, just call them cookies.



kruidmoppen,Brood bakery Uganda

The thing about Brood is that they always do something extra, you might think you can get cookies anywhere in December, but these have a special ingredient. Anise.

We got you a picture.


It’s not available in Uganda right now, so this was brought from Kenya. Isn’t that commitment?

PS: These treats are only available for the Christmas season.

Of course, Brood does great stuff all year round. We visited their factory to understand why their sourdough bread is so special and why you should begin eating it like yesterday. 

And because it is the season, you deserve more photos of all the goodies you can get at brood.

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