The 12 articles you loved most from 2018

It’s been a long year; and you the readers have made it worthwhile, what an awesome thing for you to read the stuff we put up here. The internet is a huge place, thank you for confirming to us that we are not speaking into a vaccum. Based on that, we are going to keep it comimg in 2019 with a promise to have more give away meals for you, once a month is our target.

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Here are the 12 articles that tickled your fancy the most.

1. Fine dinning at Silhouette

This is the priciest meal we had all year…so it makes me wonder, do you guys prefer the expensive meals? Something to consider. Silhouette was more than just the food, it was art.

Steak, red wine sauce, fine dinning, silhouette restaurant, dinner

Read it here


2. Sweet sweet honey

This is the only give away we had last year, y’all liked it. We heard you, there will be more stuff for you to win in 2019. Asali wa Moyo honey has a great story, soul and most importantly, great taste (s).


Read it here


3. Biriyani @The Great Indian Dhaba

I had a great time eating this meal. All food is to be shared but it is particularly true of Indian food. I took a friend along and it was good times. Perhaps in 2019, we can do more of this? Take readers along for the meals? Would you guys like that?


Read that here


4. Pancakes UG style

There’s nothing better than when we appreciate our own stuff. Kabalagala was very appreciated and that warmed our hearts.


Read it here


5. The Pit Masters burger

You know what, i’m glad you liked this one. I really am. They did things/do things differently and it was good. Pit masters also does a monthly event called The cure, its on my hit list for next year.


Read it here


6. Brood Christmas

Should we have done a Christmas special? Perhaps we should have. Brood had quality Christmas treats, in addition to just how awesome they are all year round.


Read it here


7. Tantanmen noodles at Yatai lab

Its not always possible to learn new things about your meal. These noodles were so fascinating we went ahead to do an exploratory article on them right right here. Tantanmen gave us arguably some of the best pictures of the year.

noodles, tankamen noodles

Read it here


8. The great Kampala Cook off

We were ambitious, we held an event. You loved the photos

The great Kampala cook off

See them here


9. Muffin@Lemon grass

The pleasure of getting a nice treat at a super affordable price. I haven’t been to this place in a while, but i meet people who say ‘You were right, you turned me on to this place.’  Peter, i’m talking about you here.


Read it here


10. Meza

If you have not had the Shawarma here, do yourself and your taste buds a favour. Just do it.


Read it here


11. Chef Ali

The man, talks about food so…interestingly, you thought so too.

DSC_0219 (3)

Read the interview here


12.  Fajitas @Que Pasa

This meal is a sensory delight in EVERY sense of the word.


Read  it here




Thank you, thank you, may your bellies be full through the new year.











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