Ref cafe, Kampala, Lugogo

Start off the new year healthy, with a visit to REF

Here’s a compromise, how about you work out a little and then follow that up with really tasty beverages. That is the formula for healthy living; exercise combined with clean eating. But Ref  Living raw embodies it in store that literally does both.

As the sports shop, they look out for the physical, as the café, they take care of the things you put in your body.

Introducing the first place in Uganda doing Cold press juices! The science involves electric currents but to break it down, you get only the juice; no pulp, no additives, no preservatives. You will know that the body absorbs nutrients easier in liquid and some of these juices have all your calorie needs for an entire day.

cold pressed juice, Ref cafe Uganda

It doesn’t hurt that they have fun names that will encourage you to explore; ‘Lean’, ‘Blossom’ and ‘Charcoal Lemonade’ which has activated charcoal, lemon juice and honey. The Blossom has Strawberry, coconut and apple. As for the Lean juice, it contains Spirulina which has more iron and calcium than milk or greens. I learned that that day.

And if for some reason, juice isn’t your go to (who are you?), then perhaps a Probiotic drink?

Wiki says Probiotics are live microorganisms intended to provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut flora.

The healthy conscious already know that Kombucha and Kefir can improve digestion, aid in weight loss and give your immune system as boost. These drinks are also rich in antioxidants but as their menu and Aarti the manager cautions, if it is your first time drinking them, start slow and then work the consumption up. This gives your body a chance to adjust.

And my personal favourite Bubble tea. It’s just what you expect. The little balls at the bottom of the cup will come up through the straw and form bubbles in your mouth. Aren’t you worth it?

As you can imagine, this is an exceedingly fun experience for older children.




Ref’s philosophy also extends to to work with and in support of Ugandan farmers. So the chocolate they make, yes they do this, comes from cocoa from farmers right here. They have a 70% dark and 40% milk chocolate.


Pass by Ref at UMA show grounds or call to make an order.

Photos courtesy of Ref Living Raw

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