2 pizza Calzones

January is over! You made it! Treat yourself to a pizza calzone at Bushpig.

Congratulations! The 60 something days of the brokest month in the year are over. Start the celebration with a meal so decadent it will leave a greasy smile on your face.

Is it a meat pie? Is it a pizza? No! It’s a pizza calzone! The menu says it’s a folded pizza with pulled pork, mozzarella and mushrooms. I see it is a commitment to satisfying you- filled with cheese


pizza calzone, uganda, kampala

So it looks like a pie. And that belies the glorious mix stuffed on the inside. I’ve used the analogy of the shy person at the back of the club (do people still go to clubs?) who becomes crazy when their song comes on. Yes, don’t let its initial demureness fool you, when you bite into it, it will reveal its glorious self.

Also this comes with a serving of green chilli and garlic. I like when there is a colour scheme to the presentation. Just things that fit in with the whole colour aesthetic. Browns, wood, greens…you get it.

pizza calzone, bushpig back packers


In a way, the calzone is very understated. Just 3 ingredients. The pulled pork is extra juicy, the cheese adequate and stringy and the mushrooms chewy so you will get that um, range of textures. Hats off to the chef because those ingredients are very carefully calibrated. You will NOT take a bite that does not have all of the 3. I also tried my friend’s portion and the same was true.

There is a bit of chilli in this. A bit of chilli makes everything better.

green chilli and garlic sauce


I loved the smell of the garlic and the green chilli




You would wonder how that heavy combo fits so tightly and neatly in this packaging. I have no idea. The outside is soft but even when you bite into it, it will not spill all over the place.

bitten, eaten food, pizza calzone

It is also just the right amount of warm when it gets to your table. You will not have to wait for it to cool down or do that thing when after you take a bite, you keep your mouth open and wave your hand back and forth over it for cool air. (I’ve never done that, even once). You will not need to do that and that is good.

2 pizza Calzones


Just the sound of the January heat. Yes January heat has a sound, if you live in Uganda, you know that sound. Those who don’t. Write me an email at forfoodssakeeat@gmail.com and I will write you a short essay on the sound of the January sun.

Also, the waitress recommended this, listen to the waitress, she knows what she’s talking about.

The pizza calzone goes for 28k. Eat this when you feel like you really deserve something good.

Photos by Musoke @rawlense_films


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