Enjera at Dukem

So I visited Ethiopia the other day…Ethiopia in Kabalgala, Kampala that is. Khukyenda might not fully agree but there are ways to travel without packing a bag. A good book, a good film, a song, an orgasmic experience can take you places. Now imagine what a multi-sensory experience like eating can do. Yes i had a good time at Dukem.

I wasn’t always a fan of Ethiopian and if you were like  past me, do try try again. It’s worth it.


My primary school teachers told us a lot about balanced meals…I think this is close. You have beans, greens (veges), beef, potatoes and the Enjera of course which is (depending on where you eat) made from sorghum, millet or teff. Expect a plate that has orange, green, brown and white food. It’s a pretty site. That orange is tumeric and will stain your fingers…we’ll get to that.



I love the taste of Enjera. It is often described as sour but don’t be fooled it doesn’t make it that far. I would really rather go with tangy. Let’s go with tangy. It’s interesting how it feels on your tongue…a bit like the fluffiness of a marshmallow…curious to know how other people would describe it. Let us know?



Hmm, the smells only hit you when your hand is close to your nose. If you like chilli and asked for some, you will smell it before you taste it.


This meal you eat with your fingers, so you will have a chance to experience that spony slightly elastic feel of the enjera.  I don’t know if this is what makes it so utterly filling!

Back to the turmeric, expect your fingers to be orange ish after eating…it will wash off but it is a nice souvenir in the short run.



‘Where is the KCCA certificate?’ On that day, the authorities were doing there part-removing painstakingly installed sign posts with the enthusiasm that thugs bring to any unlawful activity.

Look out for the Dukem sign post, next to the Kabalagala/Kansanga taxi stage. You will part with just about 7k for this meal.

Eat this when you’re feeling like a heavy meal on a budget.

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