Aunty Mo; The first Ugandan made organic breakfast cereal.

Be honest, when was the last time you had Ugandan made breakfast cereal? Odds are…never.

Isn’t it incredible that with all the grain we have in this bountiful country we do not make our own cereal? We instead import boxes of corn flakes from miles away with food colourants, additives and preservatives whose long term effects we have no idea about. But enough of the bad stuff, onto why we are here.

Aunty Mo is the first Ugandan made breakfast cereal I have seen on the market and believe me I have looked. No preservatives, all made in Uganda, 3 different flavours; sugar free, brown sugar and honey. For the last two, you don’t need to spoon any sugar into your bowl.


Open the pack and you release a fresh toasted smell with hints of sweet vanilla.

Cereal bowls


It’s all light golden and dark browns with a few maroons here and there.


The cereal feels very light to the touch. And when a friend looked at it he said he could probably eat that pack in a few days…but wait for it… a big percentage of Aunty Mo cereal is Oats and the fibre it packs means that you are going to be full long before you expect it. Serve sparingly, I wish someone had told me that.

This 500gram pack costs about 20k. To give you context, the 500gram pack of Kellogs costs 14k, 510 grams of coco pops cost 26, 500shs, 375grams of Nesquik cost 17k…extrapolate.




Now to the juicy stuff

“Crunchy” is a good word to describe the feeling in your mouth. And to keep the cereal that way after you open it, keep it in an airtight container.

The thing that Aunty Mo has over most other cereals (well one of the things) is that it has a mix of lots of stuff. You don’t just get oats, you get almonds, you get raisins, you get coconut, you get apples, you get sim sim and more.

Since I am obviously biased about the benefits here, I gave a sample to 2 different people. I told person one, “This is Ugandan made cereal, have a taste.”

Person 1: “You taste all the ingredients. They are not just blended in there. Almonds, raisins, oats. It is better than oats and has a cornflake feeling.”

I didn’t give the second person a preamble. I said; “Taste this and tell me what you think.”

Person 2: “What is this?”

“Just try,” I insisted.

Person 2: “Mm, it’s very nice”

That’s when I said it was Ugandan made.

Person 2 with eyes wide open: “Impressive!”

So I had my cereal with milk and I tell you I could hardly finish the bowl. It is very very filling. I am also told that this cereal has a ‘slow release of energy’ so it is the best thing for anyone who has a long day of tasks. Think school kids, long haul truck drivers and pretty much anyone who is on the grind.

Aunty Mo cereal and milk

I also tried it with yoghurt, because I went all out with the experimentation, and this was a bit too heavy for me but if you are a larger breakfast type of person, this will work great for you.




Aunty Mo cereals has been in operation for 3 years now. You need to call them at (+256 702 326396, +256 782360936) to make an order and get your delivery. Because they do not use any preservatives, you will always get the cereal freshly made.  And if you have a large order, you need to order in advance-this is their guarantee that you will only get fresh packs.

Wasn’t one of your new year’s resolutions to eat healthier? Start with this cereal.

Let us know what you thought when you try it in the comments/drop an email at


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