The Munch truck burger

A run down of food trucks in Kampala

Kampala people are very mobile. So it makes sense that the food is evolving to keep up. Some people have taken this literally by setting up food trucks. The basic DNA of the food served is ‘fast food’; things that are affordable and can be prepared (and delivered) in time. And it looks like there is a board that over sees the naming of these trucks because they have really cool names.


  1. Munch Truck

Munch truck, food truck in Kampala

When it comes to their burger, the proof is in patty. It has a couple of herbs which set it apart from pretty much any burger you’re going to eat in Kampala. I tried it months ago when it was still 5k. It was good then, it is still good now.


At 7k, this burger puts MANY established restaurants selling burgers at double the price to shame. Tip: Ask them to toast your bun a little bit.  I did once and that jazzed up the meal even more. Their hot dogs go for 6k, chips 4k and chips and chicken 10k.

The truck parked on Acaccia or John Babiiha avenue is currently in Tusker lite green, but the name is Munch truck. Reach them at that number on the picture or here

2. Krusty Krab


Krusty Krab food truck in Kampala

The Krusty Krab has the game on lock. Ask anyone about a food truck in Kampala and they will come up.  They have maximised this one thing; people like to eat with company. They have a 3 burger combo on one day, don’t think you can eat them alone, you can’t; depending on your appetite, you might even fail to eat 1 and a half. On another day they have a 3 hot dog combo. So yes go ahead and split the bill with your friends. Their Facebook page is filled with pictures you probably shouldn’t look at if you are hungry. Here, visit at your own peril.

food truck,


3. On the Go

on the go food truck, java's, saver's supermarket


These guys make a mean sub. If you are to order anything here, go for the submarine. Their menu is very straightforward; Subs, hot dogs and that which many Kampalans crave, ice cream. A new item on the menu is the veggie sub. This will set them apart from their counter parts who for the most part cater only to meat eaters.

They are parked right outside Savers supermarket at City oil in Kamwokya.

on the go food truck


4. Giga Bites

Giga bites food truck in kansanga

(Photo by Geoff Walker on Facebook)

On the other end of town is Giga Bites-didn’t I tell you the names are cool? They are located in Kansanga right outside John Rich supermarket. Our spooks (meaning friends who live that side) say the truck gets pretty busy, which hopefully means that they are doing something right? Something they can do righter? Set up a Facebook page maybe?


5. Rice Stop

the rice stop food truck Ggaba

(Photos from their Facebook page)

Unfortunately these guys only operate at events. Ordinarily, The rice stop is a fully fledged restaurant in Ggaba. The brick and Mortar kind.

They were last spotted at the MTN expo and they serve things like Chicken tortillas, burgers and hot dogs.

The rice stop food truck, Kampala Uganda

Check them out at

Did we miss anyone? Leave a comment/email to let us know.



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