Have a taste of Molokony AKA Cow hoof

Google cow hoof and you might be directed to something called cow’s trotter’s instead. Wikipedia actually says it’s a delicacy in Uganda. Which, true, except we call it Molokony. It is so loved that now you can find it being sold on many street corners which in itself wouldn’t be a surprise except that the beauty of Molokony lies heavily in the soup.


So either you carry a little dish to put it in when you buy, or carry it home in a polythene bag/kaveera or you sit right there on the street and eat it.  Option 4 is making it at home (which takes hours). It’s very simple though, boil for hours and then add onions, tomatoes, peppers and other condiments. Serve hot.

Top on the long list of the things it’s meant to be good for is curing hangovers and restoring energy…

Molokony is best consumed hot. In fact, I don’t think you can eat it if it’s not hot. The cartilage and skin are very sticky and the heat helps to make it more palatable. My favourite part is the marrow which can be accessed by turning the bone upside down or scooping it off the soup (or broth) if you’re lucky.


That’s the marrow


Option 3 is straight up sucking the marrow out of the bone. Don’t be shy, grip it with your bare hands and go for it. If you eat molokony in a restaurant, odds are you will not be given any cutlery besides a spoon. And even then…it is perfectly OK to just lift your bowl to your face and drink.

Will you give it a try? Let us know.

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