Good, affordable Thai at Chokh Di Thai

There is a misconception that things can only be good if they are expensive…its not true. It IS true that some of us have been let down SO MANY times by cheap things. But, we must collectively try to give the people who are doing good stuff at a bargain a chance. Particularly if that good stuff is Thai food.

For some reason, foreign food can be really pricey in Uganda. Not at Chohk di Thai in Bukoto.

This entire spread was 40k. It fed two very hungry people.

Thai food, Thai food in Uganda


Yes we started by eating and it was only a couple of mouthfuls in that i could even begin to make sense of what was happening in my mouth. So this meal is big on texture. Crunchy vegetables, tender beef and chicken (yes we had both) and just a little chilli with the fried rice ( very little egg added, which-good). The most surprising thing about the meal, and you will not expect to be surprised because you have probably eaten all the various pieces before, is the tomato…just a few seconds away from being really ready. It was juicy, sweet and a little bit tangy, all at the same time

Gai Phad pak, Stir fried chicken with vegetables, Thai food

Gai phad pak


Colours. Almost all of them in the rainbow. The Gai Phad Pak or Stir fried chicken with vegetables, for those who can not read Thai, came with a helping of noodles. That made for an interesting contrast. All these colourful veges against the stark white. (Arya for the win…sorry, couldn’t resist.)


You know what, not much of a smell…


Khao phad nuea or Fried rice with beef vegetables


I dropped a cucumber and picked it up in under 5 seconds…but even though i was with a trusted friend and no one was going to judge me, i judged myself and let it go. There was a second one. It was firm to the touch. All the veges were in that great place some people struggle to achieve with stir frys. Raw but not hard…firm but slightly soft.


If you are seated under the shade near the gate you will be front row to the occasional car or boda boda that passes by. Otherwise it was quite serene, the grass blowing in the wind.


One or two people have mentioned that the ambience isn’t quite to their liking. Fine. But don’t let that stop you. Chokh di Thai has a robust delivery system going so you can have all this goodness at home.

Happy eating!





2 thoughts on “Good, affordable Thai at Chokh Di Thai

  1. Pearl Bitanihirwe says:

    Very very very good.

    You didn’t tell us where it was but oh well! I guess Google is my friend.

    Well done.

    Get Outlook for Android


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