6 non-boring ways to cook your eggs

Ahh, eggs, the go to for anyone who doesn’t know how to cook or can’t be bothered to make a big meal. For the lazy bachelor and bachelorette, eggs are the breakfast, the dinner, the thing you go to when there is no other food left in the house. No judgement.

But if you must continue this way, Chef Emma Gonahasa has 6 simple recipes to help you elevate your egg eating experience. Some of you know some of these but you are not giving them a try. Maybe because you don’t know how simple they are, maybe you don’t know how to pull them off like a pro. No fear, now you can make eggs a lot better and a lot different from your usual. PS: don’t worry if you can’t plate like this guy.

First, stuff you’re going to need:


  1. Spanish omelette-This is a popular one. The rolex guy makes a variation of it. Just put your onions, tomatoes and green pepper in the egg, beat and fry!

Pro tip: Serve with a little sausage or beef (even left overs) to fancy it up. Peas and extra tomatoes will expand the taste of the meal.

spanish omelette , peas and beef with egg







2. Tomato stuffed omelette.

The only thing you need to do here is put your onions and green pepper. Fry your egg and introduce your tomatoes and fold. Serve with more tomatoes and avocado.

Pro tip: Don’t start beating the egg until the cooking oil is ready. It makes a big difference to the taste. 2. Add some black pepper (the chef brought a bit of this with him). If you haven’t been adding black pepper to your eggs, that one thing will take things to a whole other level. Don’t over cook the egg and it will be so moist, you’ll think you’re eating something from a 5 star restaurant.

tomato stuffed omelette, avocado, tomato and eggs

Tomato stuffed 2.JPG


3. Eggs with cheese and meat

If i could, i would eat this every day. The cheese does things that are unspeakable (in a good way) to the egg. You might cry from the joy in your mouth.

I hear you when you ask Cheese? Who can afford that? with rolling eyes.  A friend once marvelled at why cheese is so expensive in a country with so many cows. She has a point. Luckily, you can get quality cheese at Holland dairy in Kamwokya for as low as 7k (even 5k). Make sure you keep the beef pieces (or whatever you’ll be using) small to conserve the integrity of the structure.

Pro tip: A little gonja or matooke, salad of your choice and you will have a full meal.

eggs with cheese and meat







4.  Scrambled egg. 

That black pepper will come in handy again here. If you have been scrambling your eggs without black pepper, you need to change your ways. Serve with kachumbali and avocado, or bread. Up to you.

Pro tip: Add a little milk (or water if you don’t do milk) to make the egg a little less thick.

Scrambled 2


5.  Fried egg

Every time i try this egg, the oil splutters all over the place

Pro tip: Stop that from happening by turning the heat off after a short while, covering the egg and letting the steam cook it! It will come out looking like this.

Fried egg, sunny side up

fried egg, sunny side up


Fried egg 3

6. Boiled egg salad

Finally, the boiled egg salad. This is all types of healthy.

Egg salad 2.JPG





Head over to Instagram for all the steps to achieve this.

And, don’t forget to go to The Gardens Najjera on the 1st of June to catch chef Emma Gonahasa in action at The Great Kampala cook off.

Cook off

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