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Iftar at Kampala Smokehouse

Here are a few things i learnt about breaking the fast from my Muslim brother; he came with me to Kampala smokehouse to try their iftar special.

1. Iftar isn’t about binge eating mountains and mountains of food.  You have seen people actually gain weight during Ramadan? This is one of the reasons why. Instead there, are some tips you can follow to do it in healthier way.

2. Its not OK to skip suhoor (the early morning meal) so that you can sleep. You need to have this if you intend to power through the day.

3. An Iftar meal should be a combination of things. It should at least attempt to have these 4 things, all of which Kampala Smokehouse ‘s meal did.

  1. Have enough fluids to ward off dehydration.

First thing we were presented with was a glass of juice, and then some tea. You want to hydrate as much as possible, put a lot of water in there too and try to avoid lots of coffee (don’t take too much too either), its a diuretic and you want to avoid losing water unnecessarily.




steaming cup of tea

This glass of melon juice was not all the way to smoothie consistency so it is the right thing for when you are feeling parched. At the end of the day, you want something refreshing, this is it.

2.  Have fruits and vegetables

When you have been fasting all day, you need to ease yourself back into food, otherwise you might end up with indigestion. Something light, like fruits and vegetables is a good way to avoid that. They will both hydrate and provide fibre-your tummy will thank you.


This garden salad was almost too pretty to eat. But eat it you must. The cucumber and lettuce will add to the hydration of the fluids, plus it tastes really good…also, you can never go wrong with avocado.

garden salad with avocado

3. Get some carbohydrate for energy

If you remember your primary school science, you’ll know that carbohydrates give you, what? Energy! When you’re fasting, you need lots of it. Smokehouse will offer you either potatoes or rice. They also have fibre which is doubly important.

rice, pilau. iftar rice

This is one of the most delicious rice dishes I’ve tasted. What they put in it? Just a little ginger and some spices that the chef pointed out but i forgot to memorise. It was big on flavour and managed to do that while remaining in concert with the rest of the dish. Plus, it was moist enough that it didn’t need any soup.

4.  You need protein

They have you covered; they are after all called Smokehouse. Their speciality is barbecue and meats. You will get; some beef, some chicken, some fish, the first dressed generously in barbecue sauce. The star of this ensemble? The fish.


It is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside with just the right amount of seasoning. Go ahead and add a bit of that tar tar sauce to it. You’ll thank me.

chicken, fish, garden salad, beef

And just a little something extra at the end of your meal.

bowl of ice vanilla and strawberry ice cream

This treat will round tie up the meal with a little bow.

The Ramadan special goes for 45k.

The Ramadan special is just 1 of the things they have on offer. Instead of sitting in the sad evening traffic on Yusuf Lule (yes even the bodas were stuck), visit Kampala Smokehouse to see their extensive menu and order something.

Ramadan Mubarak.

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