chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms

Breast, done right.

It is easy to get distracted at The Terrace; cocktails are fairly priced, you want to try the cheese plates, the music gives rise to nostalgia. When did you last hear Torn? But the mission was to eat and it was executed.

The mains on the Kampala restaurant week menu were chicken breast and Spinach ravioli stuffed with beetroot and Blue cheese-sounds tempting, right? But as I had had a veggie meal the previous week,  I decided to go carnivore. Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms it was.

chicken breast, mushrooms


Points for presentation. This plate was arranged for the eater who loves the look of food. Even the mushrooms spilling from the chicken breast looked like something out of an art exhibition. For a pop of colour, you have the tomato.


The first word that came to mind was ‘Earthy’. I can’t remember why, but I wrote it down. It was probably because of the mushrooms and the herbs. Upon reflection, there are many other words that I could have used to describe the chicken in particular. Flavourful, tender, well done, not dry (even great restaurants sometimes serve dry breast). And if that was not enough, the mushrooms were there to make it even juicier. The two textures, chewy mushrooms and the tender chicken were an amazing match.

If you have had bad experiences with chicken breast and the thought of ordering it makes you squirm, go to The Terrace and banish those memories.

The mushrooms; so utterly juicy and chewy.

There’s a kind of taste spectrum or rainbow here which gets progressively less savoury. That is, if you are eating in this direction- mushrooms, chicken breast, the alkaline potatoes and then tomato. You can eat them all separately to try and see what i mean. But you should obviously mix them up and, forgive the hyperbole, get a perfectly curated symphony of all the tastes. I think that is the way the chef meant for it to be.

chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms


Herbs and the aroma of chicken. You know what chicken smells like.

garnish, tomatoe rose


Warning: You must be at peace with making sounds and not minding people looking at you. One might escape you when having moved on to eat other stuff on your plate, you return to the mushrooms.

On top of that, when did you last listen to R.E.M? And Mad about you by Hooverphonic?

If I have not convinced you to try this meal before restaurant week ends then I hope I have at least given you reason to visit The Terrace.

This meal goes for 25k and The Terrace opens at 3pm.



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