In Their Kitchen 1: Patricia Mugisha

Curious about what the neighbours have in their kitchen? We are. That’s why we are taking a look into the kitchens of food lovers we know, online and offline.

Every month, one of them will share 5 of their favourite ingredients and tell us why they love them so. This month we feature Patricia Mugisha.

Patricia is a travel, food and lifestyle blogger from Uganda. She loves cacti, books, food and is forever in search of the perfect mojito. 

1. Herbs

spices, sage,

I love using different herbs for their earthy flavor and how well they seem to compliment different food; for instance Rosemary and Liver, perfect combo!

2. Soy sauce

soy sauce, dark

I use soy sauce in almost everything. I love Asian cuisine so this is a staple in my kitchen. A little goes a long way for its colour and very salty properties-which is just as well as I try to eliminate a lot of salt in my cooking.


3. Chicken Bouillon cubes


In the past, I used to make my own stock but over the past months, I just don’t have the time so these little nuggets really come in handy for soups and and stews.

4. Black Pepper


Since I can’t eat chilli for health reasons, black pepper is a nice substitute. I love the taste and how it makes me sneeze every time!

5. Jerk Seasoning


Jamaican jerk seasoning is the best thing that happened to my cooking. I have it brought in from me as it’s not available in our supermarkets. The best thing about it is the ingredients are all natural, no food colouring or artificial flavors which is very important if you’re trying to stay healthy.

See more of and follow Patricia at, @carawaydiaries and @mugisherr on Instagram.

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