Chips and chicken at Ponnus

Granted, Ponnus in Muyenga isn’t most known for their chips and chicken. What comes to mind when they come up is Indian and Lebanese food. But sometimes you just want that most basic of Kampalan fast foods. The fact that it was on offer, 10k for chips and 2 pieces of chicken, was only one of the reasons i went for it. If i’m to be entirely honest though, it was one of the major reasons, the 2nd in ranking being that i was starving.



I watched a documentary recently about how companies that make crisps (chips to the Americans) actually invest a lot of time in achieving the perfect ‘crunch’. Crunch means fresh, crunch means tasty, crunch means good. These chips were all off those things. In addition, they were not greasy at all. They were soft but firm. Not those hard, cassava like chips some places serve. Also, not soft and soggy like some other places also serve.


Chips were properly salted. The chicken: First i ate the drum stick, it was a bit on the dry side but it was good to see that the coating/pre fry mix/batter did not overwhelm the chicken. Sometimes you find a piece of chicken that is 70 percent batter and 30 percent chicken. The chicken reedemed itself by great propertions on the next piece. Was it a part of the leg? I am not sure. It was juicy, moist on the inside, i could taste the herbs used in the marinade. Well done piece 2.


A part of piece 2

The salad was welcome, cool and not cold which made me think that it was freshly made. No dressing.

And then there was the chilli.

fresh chilli

Few things make me happier than when the staff  warn me about the chilli being super hot. When they ask if they should indeed bring it out. Unlike at the Nigerian restaurant, this one was really hot; nose running, lips burning after hot (if someone kissed you after they’d be able to taste it. No one kissed me, i’m just musing).

The chilli was cold. Even the container was cold. They take their chilli seriously because I had been told, as had the other patrons, that there had been no power all day so the drinks were warm. They must have a special fridge for it then.


The plate of chips and chicken looked small initally…and i’m like, will this satisfy me? It did. For 10k it is not a bad deal at all. The chips are a little more yellow than most but that was ok. The chicken was almost charred. I worried it would be burnt but there was no indication of that anywhere.


How to properly eat chicken


“We haven’t had power all day, the drinks are not cold.”

Side note: These are some of the most professional waitresses i’ve seen in Kampala. The day shift that worked on the 18th of September, you guys are the ones.

Pass by Ponnus, Chips and chicken goes for 10k on Wednesdays (its on offer)

PS: If ya’ll know places that serve katogo 24/7, please let us know. Thanks!

PPS: Follow us on Instagram for hunger inducing pictures.







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