Francis Kasura, Aka dope band

In their Kitchen 2: Francis Kasura

Curious about what the neighbours have in their kitchen? We are. That’s why we are taking a look into the kitchens of food lovers we know.

Every month, one of them will share 5 of their favourite ingredients and tell us why they love them so. This month we feature Kasura Francis.

Kasura Francis is a brand enthusiast working as a business unit head at LOGGOS+ , a subsidiary of Fireworks advertising. He is also the leader of the famous A ka Dope Band.

I like the taste of sweet and sour in everything that I cook. So I’m one of those that uses honey and sugar plus some hot spice to give it that sweet and sour feel.


bowl of sugar, spoon full of sugar

It’s the secret to my cooking. It gives the taste buds that perfect balance that I look out for in food . I use it in soups and even seasoning.


cumin, tropical heat
It’s the ka pinch. The spike . Hot but not really hot. Perfect for sauces and chicken meals.


image2 (2)
What is food without this easy african delicacy? I like how it’s hot on the whole tongue and not just the tip. 3 drops does the magic for me .


worcestershire sauce, American garden

I use this to bring out the flavors in seasoning and even sauce meals . It has some vinegar and brings balance for the seasoning.


image1 (2).jpeg
BBQ sauce is the icing on the cake. I really love the honey and hickory flavored one.  I’ll even use it for sauce and seasoning of my famous pork ( call me for more).

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