Where to eat THIS holiday season: Yujo Izakaya.

You undoubtedly know them for their homemade noodles and every food Japanese. But this Christmas season, Yujo Izakaya is doing something a little extra. Take a look at their holiday offers.


Price tag: From 54k and 39k for vegetarian options

sushi at yujo izakaya kampala

For the holiday season Yujo has launched a New Sushi Bar menu including a selection of all new platters, rolls, konyakku sushi (Japanese veggie superfood), “Chirashii” sushi Bowls, and Hawaiian-Japanese influenced tropical Poke Bowls.

Plus, they have a new ‘female sushi chef duo’ who will be pulling these dishes off.


There’s a lot on offer on this one. Pass by for Kampala Restaurant Week 2019 customer favs, Angus Beef Burgers and Steaks (from Ireland) or try the veggie based okonomiyaki pancakes and newly developed ramen bowls.


Plus! on offer are sea salted skin on fries, orange sweet potatoe fries, or Banange Beer battered onion rings with the main courses instead of steamed rice, at no extra charge. You heard that, NO EXTRA CHARGE.

The drinks…because it’s the holiday.

Aside from the Banange craft beer menu which has gotten a bit extra with a beer float dessert on the menu (it includes a bubbling scoop of vanilla ice cream dropped into an ale or a stout) and the usual suspects, Yujo Izakaya has these:


Few things are better to kick off, like really kick off a celebration than a warm cup of Sake. You can also have it cold if you prefer.

Sake at Yujo izakaya Kampala


The inspiration for the selections is Africa. All the wines on the Yujo wine list are selected from the continent.

This bottle of Rose is a pretty decent way to treat number 1 (you) and welcome yourself back from a long 2019. The price for this Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé is 75k for the bottle.

Curious for the tasting notes?

  • Expressive juicy berry flavours follow through on the palate with a soft, delicious fruity finish.
  • Goes well with grilled lobster, Sushi or Thai quinoa salad.

flagstone poetry rose wine, south africa

There are lots of other bottles to sample from like the Dragon’s Back Mountain medium sweet. A taster glass (125ML) goes for 12k, a proper glass (187ML) for 18k, and a bottle (750ml) at 70k.

dragon's back mountain red sweet

So there, go forth and enjoy the holidays!

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