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Grasshoppers, a poem

Tis the season for nsenene but what can we tell you about grasshoppers that you don’t already know? Instead, wordeologist, popped in to write a poem about them. Enjoy.

sprang from nature’s bosom
a bouncing delight
a pinch of this, a sprinkle of that
the season’s culinary gift


they’ve sated appetites for millennia
ancients revelled in their flavours
were caught in their mania
awaited them with seasoned savour
hopping mad with cravings


What is it that inflames such debauchery,
a fiery passion for but a simple taste.
They come in droves,
and thus assuage the guilt of their captors.
They float free and pure
untainted and healthy for sure,
Nature’s bounty, delicious and delectable


So we grasp them with fervour
lure them with bright lights
Spell bound by an aphrodisiac we cannot resist,

fry them neat or spice-in some heat
the results are always binding,
and the craving persists

green and brown with flavour
a springing cuisine

Craving more poetry? Pop over Wordeologist and get your fill.

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