The most read articles of 2019

It has been hard to lock down a trend this year. While readers seemed to want healthy reads, the next minute you would respond more to fast food and then the next to DIY stuff. But that’s OK. There doesn’t have to be a trend. It is OK to love different things. Different things is what you shall get in 2020.

Happy new year! Almost. But before we go forward, let’s look back a bit to 2019.


1. Local food at Yaya lounge

A local meal made the list!  A vegeterian local meal at that! Isn’t that just something? With all the chips places, its good to know that we still have love for binyebwa.

ground nuts, boiled food

Read the review here:


2. The one on food trucks

This was the most read article of the year. This might have something to do with the fact that it went up in March and so you have had a long enough time to see it. But it might also mean that fast food is driving the food scene in Kampala. Read the full article here:

on the go food truck, java's, saver's supermarket


3. Living Gluten free

After the Food trucks, came the gluten free article. We found out that Uganda is one of the best places to be gluten free in the world. Put that on a postcard. The Yaya lounge meal for instance was gluten free.

Read the full chat with the nutritionst here:

seeds, grains, glutenfree. simsim, millet, peas


4. Eggs, eggs, eggs

This is one of the articles of the DIY varitey. Chef Gonahasa popped by and gave a lesson on spicing up (sometimes literally) this most easy to make of foods. I have never looked at black pepper the same.

eggs with cheese and meat

Read more of that here:


5. Always extra for love

A very good cookbook from Uganda. This one turned out to be a personal triumph for For food’s sake eat as well because someone with the Gourmand world cookbook awards read this review and wrote to ask for the writer’s contact. Long story short, she was nominated and won in her category. So yes, that happened.

Read that review here.

6. The Vegan festival

Remember when i said just up there that the Food truck story got a lot of heat because it was up for months? THIS article got a lot of heat and it hasn’t been up for that long. Reasons; there is a fierce vegan/vegeterian community in Uganda and they shared this article very very wildly. Thanks guys!

Read the preview here:

vegan fwstival

7. Cupcakes galore

Who doesn’t want a little sweetness in their lives? The Infield Cakery does a lot more than just cupcakes but they are delicious so we zereoed in on that. Read the article here:



8. Molokony

Whenever something local that is good makes it…it warms my heart. Well done to this delicacy. PS. My mama made it.


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And, it’s a wrap.

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