The Bistro’s Chicken Quesadillas

Our circumstances in life determine a lot. For instance: you are hungry, it is the end of the month, you have just about 20k, you want to have a nice meal because it is end of month and it has been one hell of a year (RIP 2019). Do you go with the tried and tested Bistro burger that will fill you so up or do you dare to trust the waiter who suggests quesadillas? Remember your wallet and belly are watching.

After convincing myself that life and indeed food is about more than just getting stuffed, i decided to take an adventure into the never before ordered Quesadillas. Do the same and future you will nod in approval because these quesadillas are worth it.

20191231_152035 (2).jpg


First off; The Bistro is one of those places whose ambiance will make you want to just sit there and be there all day. This is arguably the only place where I would rather sit inside than out. It is the last legacy from a time when Kisementi was known for Fat boys, Just kicking, Crocodile and even Iguana. Simpler times. Nostalgia is always on 100 when I go there. Bistro, never close please, you are all we have left.

K! The quesadillas will be many. The waiter had said they’d be 4 but I had not imagined that they would look this big and thus feel more than 4. The portions are healthy. And the ingredients sealed tight in there.


Speaking of ingredients.

I love me some mushrooms and cheese separatley and together. The chillis juicy and the onions very slightly sweet as onions can be. The chicken was light, making this feel more like a veggie arrangement. Not a big meat lover so I didn’t mind that. You might want to ask them for a bit more chicken when you order if you are. To balance out this mostly savoury dish, there was the sweet corn on guacamole salad. I would have wanted more cheese and generally something tangier/spicy to make the tastes pop, but that’s just me.


Hmm, what is the smell of avocado?

The tortilla is firm and tight, slightly warm to the touch. Inside, the mix of mushroom, chicken, cheese and onions is chewy in the most pleasant way. The sweet corn and bed of lettuce crunchy too, the only soft entrant being the guacamole.


This meal goes for about 25k, it is worth it. Eat it when you want a feeling of comfortable satiety, not that over stuffed kind. Don’t be surprised if you struggle with the 4th slice. Yes, it’s filling.

20191231_152216 (2)

PS: Are the staff here paid based on how many people come in? The waiters always work over time to make me comfortable and to make me STAY. One of them had a negotiation with me on why I was going to Que pasa for a beer when theirs is just 500shs more and yet comes with free WIFI and this amazing ambiance. Lol.

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