sandwich in uganda, eating in kampala, chicken pesto sandwich

Italian inside sandwich at Prunes

Whereas the plan had been to sit and enjoy a sandwich at Prunes, the busy pace of the city dictated that that plan change to a Take away order. First instinct was to go for the Club sandwich because I haven’t had a great one since Just kicking, Yes, still nostalgic, but the one at Prunes promised Mayo and I’m not a fan. As opposed to asking them to exclude it, I opted for the Italian inside sandwich which seemed lighter. Also at, 30k, it was cheaper by a few shillings. That still felt relatively high for a sandwich but I trust that there is good reason for that.

A lot of things were good about this sandwich

-The cheese

-The chicken

-The pesto

-The cherry tomatoes

-The bread

In short, everything was good because that’s everything it took to get it made.

Ok now


prunes sandwives kampala

This bread looked thick! Like a stiff mattress stuffed in a too small bed. There was also a salad in a separate pack but as i was starving, i forgot to photograph it. I was also in a moving car and the logistics of that were a bit tricky.


Despite its domineering sight, the bread is not hard at all. It is not soft either. It is just the right kind of bread for a sandwich such as this. I wonder where Prunes gets this bread/ baguette from.


This was very interesting. There was just as much bread, as there were cherry tomatoes, as there was chicken. This was coupled with the right amount of pesto.

chicken pesto sandwich, cherry tomatoes, chicken sandwich, pesto

Having seen how none drippy and none soaking into bread and none strong tasting and none cold and none overwhelming the pesto was in comparison to Mayo, i think i can safely say i am off Mayonnaise, here is a better option. This pesto had come to work;  clingingly firmly to the bread and yet taking a back seat.

The cherry tomatoes were firm on the outside but dissolved into juice upon biting.

The chicken was firm but also moist.

I find myself often feeling cheated when it comes to cheese, in this case i wasn’t.

cheesey chicken and pesto sandwich, pesto

See what i mean?

The garden salad was nice and tangy and wet enough that i could eat it and the sandwich without choking. Not that i choked eating the sandwich alone. I literally can not say a bad thing about this sandwich.


Prunes was abuzz as it often is. A certain person was heard to loudly order a drink because it was called Protector…that person was me.

The Chicken sandwich goes for 30k.


4 hours later, a tiny bit of the bottom corner of the sandwich was a little bit damp but it was still at 80% awesome. So unlike what i do with the last soggy bit of rolex in the kaveera, i popped it in my mouth. There was not even a crumb left.



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