kericho gold tea, attitude tea

Let’s talk Attitude Tea

Tea is life. For real. Sometimes it feels like the only thing that can make a day end well is a cup of tea. Coffee drinkers line up their espressos and moccas and machhiato and cast pitying eyes that say; ‘That’s the only flavour you have? Black?’ Yes you can spice it but it often seems like all you can have it as is black. But that was before Kerciho gold and their many, many flavours. And because you can also get bored with that one pack of black currant tea, they have this multiflavoured pack.

kericho gold flavoured teas

I dedicated a few days to brewing, almost at random, a couple of the tea bags. Here is what i found out!

1. Green tea, passion and jasmine


This should be called Passion tea because the passion fruit smells the strongest and the scent lingers long after the tea is finished. But it is rather light and to get the right hit, taste wise, you might opt to pop two tea bags into the cup. If you drank this tea before bed and were too lazy to take your cup to the sink, you will awake to a slight scent of passion fruit in the room. I found this pleasant. This was one of my favorites.

2.  Green Tea and Lemon

green tea, lemon tea,kericho gold tea

Because Chakra Cleansing and Cease The Day! I woke up to Green tea and lemon. I didn’t care for the ‘Chillax, T’s all good’ slogan on the pack because I abhore slang like, I assume, a lot of fussy/purist tea drinkers…which I assume is why the slang is there- to appeal to a new cool crowd. Whatever, that’s not why we’re here.

This time I popped 2 tea bags into the tea kettle while it was still on the boil…I’d like to lie and continue saying it was a pot/kettle but it was a saucepan.  A tea saucepan. The aroma in the kitchen; heavenly! I also made enough to put into a flask for longer enjoyment.

The lime/lemon feels soothing on the tongue, and really light in the belly. The best thing for a cold  morning.

3. Hangover Tea

I should probably be paid for this review (hint hint) because what I did was COMMIT. Hangover after the Bob Marley 75th anniversary do at Big Kafunda CC DJ Gilo, I brewed the hangover tea, had a cup and went to sleep.

hangover tea, kericho gold, flavoured tea

Minty, Earthy. You know, like it is meant to heal. Don’t know if I felt better but the mint was great.

4. Pineapple and Mango


This is so far my favourite. It is full flavoured, the smell is…fruity and almost berry like. It is the perfect pick me up for a slow morning. It is so far the strongest too, which I loved. I mean, look at how dark that is.

If I were to go out now and buy a single pack, this would be it. I’d label it DO NOT TOUCH. I drank quarter the cup with no sugar, that is how flavourful it is. I would have gone all the way too but the sugar was right there staring at me.

This is the type of tea you can savour. It is mood enhancing. Every sip warrants a satisfied glance heavenward.

5. Rose tea

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet? It does smell sweet but it didn’t trigger any serious emotions. It is also quite strong, dunk one tea bag into a pan (kettle) and you can probably get 3 good cups of tea!

rose tea

There are a couple of other flavours in that colorful box; like Love tea and Cardamom tea. Share your experince if you do buy and try it out. This is us: Instagram, Facebook

Also, this tea adheres to the rules of Fair trade so you can enjoy it with the knowledge that the farmers are being offered a better price than usual.

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