indian food, spice junction

Spice Junction’s combo

Do you always envision eating Indian food as a group activity? If yes, you might be pleased to know that you are one of several people who do.

The servings are always plentiful which makes total spending sense-you can share the food and split the bill. But, you can still have an Indian meal for one especially in these disease riddled times. If you cannot drop by the restaurant (opposite Lohana Academy) order this meal for just 20k.

The soup

soup, indian restaurant in kampala

I finally learnt the trick to enjoying soup with a meal: eat it a good 30 minutes before the food comes along. This is the sweet and sour soup which is great for warming up the tummy. If you want it HOT, ask them to make it extra hot.

The vegetables are crunchy and fresh.

The Food

indian food, spice junction

For 20,000shs, the menu is relatively set but you still have a lot of wiggle room. I got naan bread, a serving of rice, a bit of veggies and  2 sauces; goat rogan josh and dal tadka (beans).


I love how filling Naan is while by passing all that the oil from chapatti. These pieces are fluffy and light.

20200219_132741 (2)

Dal Tadka

Aside from the rich colour, these beans were, im sorry to use this word again, plentiful. This is good for anyone who loves their naan with a lot of soup.


 Goat rogan josh

If you aware the price goat goes for you will be happy for this tender goats meat. I found it sweet that they offered to pack every last morsel of the leftovers. I had to say, ‘No, please, its ok, i won’t take this.’

goat rogan josh


Where would we be without old faithful? Lightly spiced, it goes well with the aroma heavy meal.


You might think your 20k is finished by this point but it is not. There’s still dessert. In the spirit of adventure, i ordered something i never have before. Gulab jamun-a sweet made from milk solids-sitting in some form of sugar syrup.  Didnt quite take to it though, it was VERY sweet.

Have a look at the menu to make a pairing that works for you.

In the meantime, stay safe.


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