In their Kitchen 4: Mark Kaheru

Curious about what the neighbours have in their kitchen? We are. That’s why we are taking a look into the kitchens of food lovers we know.

Every other month, one of them will share 5 of their favourite ingredients and tell us why they love them so. This month we feature Mark Kaheru.

Mark is a private chef. He loves to cook with simplicity and always shares the meals he cooks for his kids under the hashtag #KidsDinner. He also hosts the East African meat festival every last Saturday of the month at The Gardens Najjera; you can catch him there. 


I find that black pepper has a knack for elevating the natural flavor of meat, especially in roasts. It is always the first thing on my shopping list. I have never run out of this spice…ever.

black pepper, mashallah foods


What can I say, onions are the base of most of what I cook. Different onions bring different tastes to a dish, you just need to know which does what. Go on, bite into it and tell me what it tastes like.

onions, cooking in uganda


Bacon makes everything taste better. I wish I could meet the guy who made bacon. They deserve a Nobel prize or 5. I have had bacon with almost everything and it just makes the dish taste so much better.



Sriracha is spicy, garlicky, sweet, sour…it has everything in one bottle. It goes well with about anything – ice cream, bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, beans…just do not try it on cake.

sriracha, spicy uganda, food in kampala


Mushrooms are my favorite fungus…I cannot get enough of these bad boys. I do not know what it is about mushrooms but I can eat them every day, all day…they are easy to cook and they take to everything.


Put all these five in one pan and you will have yourself a great treat.

Follow Mark on Instagram to see his creations.  WAIT. Before you leave, we are always looking for new friends so follow us here and here.

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