Hot dog at Charlie’s place

The mix of bread and meat is not an original Ugandan concept but we have taken to it with many restaurants now offering hot dogs. Some have made it something that is a delight to order; ready in seconds and edible on the go- like a rolex.

I ate at these 2 different places and as opposed to writing just one post, I thought it better to do a separate one for each eatery.

Here is the one for Charlie’s place; that’s the first restaurant to your right at Krishna mall in Kisementi. And you can follow the link Hot dog at Farm house to read about the Hot dog at Farmhouse at the Kurb, also in Kisementi.

The inside …is tight, really tight. Depending on your mood, this can be a good or bad thing because in some cases ambiance plays a role in the enjoyment of  food. If you also like to see your food as it is being prepared, this is the place for you. Something quite curious…I have never eaten in such a small space with such…quiet patrons. There is conversation yes, from the staff, the people outside, the loud ki walk through security machine at Krishna mall, but not from the patrons. And I’ve been there a good number of times.

I had a hot dog and chips.



Looks good, no? Served on a “traditional” porcelain plate, the bun and frankfurter take up just about the full length of your plate. It is topped with some of the best salad I have ever tasted. It is just lettuce, cucumber, onions, tomatoes and again no mayonnaise but its glorious. Every time I have had it, it has been cool out of the fridge. So good…so refreshing.


The chips are soft and lightly crispy and the hot dog manages to be self-contained. What I mean is, for a meal that is made by fusing parts into one, it manages to stay whole almost to the end of the meal. Yes the salad might jump about a bit but overall, you’ll be eating a “unified” hot dog. There is also room for you to pat the salad down deeper into the bun if you wish. The taste delivers, does not overwhelm.


Those chips are often hot…wait for them to cool.  As for the hot dog-the bun is soft but also crisp, the frankfurter is firm.



Because the cooking area is a few seconds from where you’re seated, you’ll be able to smell lots of things. Mostly the chips. However, there is goodish ventilation above the cookers that it’s not like you’re in a smokey den. It’s actually much better than most of these takeaways. Also, no soot in sight


Although its noise has gone a down a wee bit since last year, the security machine at Krishna mall is still the star of this section. Maybe that is the sound to indicate that someone is cleared to enter. I shudder to hear what it will sound like the day someone is denied entry.

Eat here for a small fast meal that will satisfy.


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