Posho and goat's meat

Posho, the right way

If the answer to ‘Who hurt you?’ is ‘ My parents, when they sent me to boarding school at age 7 where i had to eat posho for what felt like the rest of my life’; then this post is for you.

If it is, ‘I went to a secondary school where the rice was worse than the posho so that even on Rice day you would rather eat Posho-for 6 years;’ Then this post is for you!

If you can’t understand why anyone would willingly eat posho, read on. Forget the too hard, too soft, too full of flour posho, come eat the Posho and goats meat at Jean’s pub in Namuwongo. My friend Anna introduced me to this place years ago, i was glad to see it still running.

First, wash your hands good and proper because you won’t be getting a fork. If you insist, they might give you a spoon.


Posho and goat's meat

I like how each item is properly arranged in its own corner so that it stands out. That posho looks really thick and firm, the kachumbari, rather prim and proper and the goats meat a little careless- i suppose it knows its the main attraction. This meal is served starting from a quarter kilo of goats meat and going upwards. You can have other greens and avocado if you like. This particular combo is at just about 7k.


You will touch everything; so be prepared for soft posho, tender goats meat and crisp kachumbari. It is the only thing that is cool and this is not a bad distinction.



Most of the time kachumbari gets lost and overwhelmed by everything else that is going on. But this was so very fresh that i could actually smell the onions.


That posho looks firm but it is soft…it goes down reaallly easily. When you mix it with the aromatic goats meat, and that soup, you will forget the bad posho of days past. Who knows, you might even find yourself forgiving your parents.



It was a little after lunch time on a work day so there wasn’t much going on except snippets of the boda men’s conversation carried on the wind.


Eat here when you need a hearty meal.

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