Health in your 30’s-Dental Dynamics

You’ve turned 30 (or have been here for a while) and things are overwhealming. You’re freaking out a little bit. House, work, lifelong goals, kids, money, partner, parents, extended family etc.

On top of that, you’re constantly being sold to: The best mortgage on the market, the best school for your children, the best places to party, the best clothes, but no credible source is telling you the best way to keep healthy. At best you are following fad diets and subscribing to gyms.

This is why, For Food’s Sake Eat together with SatisfashionUG and a few medical doctors, have come up with this series focused on how to help you keep on top of your health now that you’re in on the third floor of your life. We shall get advice on dental health, heart health, skin and more. This of course includes what to eat because food and health go hand in hand.

This week, Dental health from Dr. Patrick. Dr kyagulanyi Patrick is a senior dental surgeon at PK dental solutions. He has been actively practicing dentistry since 2005. Call them on 0788064 268 to book your appointment.

_Dental 1

_Dental 2

_Dental 3

Dental 4

See the rest of the series here


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