Charcoal grilled fish

Seeing fish alive with their fins splayed, swimming happily, opening their mouths to smile at each other and then pointing out which one you want to eat, watching it flop about in the bucket feels a bit like being in the Hunger games. It was so creepy for me. So creepy the man at the tank felt a little sorry for me. But is it creepier…that I still ate the fish and enjoyed the meal so much I decided to write about it? Am I a bad person?


Go fish gives you the chance to go fishing.  You can carry the fish home but they can also cook it for you if you like. I chose the charcoal grilled fish. It takes about 40 minutes to prep, so take it from the man on the other end of the phone and have them get started on it for you as you get there. I did not. As a result, I had time to chat up the lovely staff. And to learn that the beer there is at a very confusing 5, 900 shs.

It was such a topic of conversation that the gentleman behind the counter (the same one of the phone) offered to PAY the 900 shs for me. I thought he was just waiving it but turns out he paid for it out of pocket! Please Go fish bosses, can we get the price down to an even 5000shs? Lower even would be good but let’s start by knocking that 900shs off please.

Back to the fish



The fish is served on a plate that looks like a fish and along with the chips it will fill up the entire plate. I wanted more chips but the nice waiter told me ‘That is what they gave me.’ It was out of his hands. Luckily, I did not even need the extra chips, I was almost stuffed after.

The fish is a little darker where it would be golden for fried fish.



I’d never tasted charcoal grilled fish and was glad to find that this oil free option is actually tasty. The flesh is soft and very lightly seasoned. I’d say it was only salted but this was not a bad thing. Speaking of stuffed, as you eat, you might discover that inside the fish are green onions that bring their own flavor to the fish.


It is the greatest pleasure to discover a new taste half way through a meal you thought you’d already figured out. It’s like; ‘I know you, you’re fish and you are so well done’. Then bam! Thinly chopped green onions come into play.

This is the unsung hero of fish eating.

20200615_153417 (2)

It elevates the taste in ways that are hard to describe. Before a squeeze of lemon is definitely not the same as after.


Social distancing.

This fish and chips cost about 22,000shs, the prices go up for bigger fish. Plus, unlike other places, Go fish offers you various ways to cook your fish besides good old deep frying. Oven grilled, BOILED and steamed too! I’m going to try them all.


I did good, didn’t i?

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