Beirut restaurant in Kampala

There are a lot of interesting things at Beirut, one of the latest restaurants in the Ntinda area. But I will stick to the menu. Kudos to the person who designed it. The first thing you will see are items for 3 and 5k. If like me you are a budget shopper, these prices will put you at ease and suck you into your seat. Before i proceed, i must say, and with some authority that this is pretty much the ONLY place in Ntinda that doesn’t serve alcohol.

Chips (fries to some) are 3k, fried eggplant is 5k. You’ll be so at ease that by the time your eyes land on the 45k for a kilo of Meat pie, you will be more than ready to give these guys some money. You might even have already ordered and be waiting for your meal.

I was both starving exploring so I had the spicy potato at 3k and, at the encouragement of the waitress, the Cheese Manakish at 5,000.



A golden bowl of diced and fried potatoes with a sprinkling of coriander and garlic. The dish looked, and I’ve never used this word to describe food before, cute.



Manakish as the waitress told me, is similar to ‘what you would call pizza’ I normally leave the notes about the staff for the end but this lady was so helpful in translating the names. She was great at explaining things too. Like the fact that Labneh is yoghurt  and cheese like.

The cheese manakish looks fluffy, golden brown and yellow. The cheese brings the creamy colour.



I literally couldn’t wait-because I was hungry, but also because I love discovering new foods. The cheese manakish does taste a bit like pizza. It is fluffier and lighter though. Watch out for that welcome crunch of the sim sim.

You can literally eat this all day and trust me 1 is enough for 1 person. I thought it would be a shame to ask them to pack one little slice so I shoved it down as well.

The potatoes were spicy as promised and about 80% of that heat was brought by the garlic, the rest by some chilli flakes.



Hmm, the cheese manakish is warm and there is totally no oil/grease residue to the touch. The potatoes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.


Music plays in the background of the wood dominated premises and bless their hearts, they are willing to turn it down when asked. I asked the waitress about the Kibbeh, raw meat and because she and I had gotten a pretty good chat going, she just shook her head ‘no’.

I wasn’t ready and she could tell. I’ll work my way up to it.

The menu says these are breakfast dishes, I didn’t have them for breakfast and the combination was filling. Check Beirut out on Instagram. 




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