steak board, burgers, beef burger

QUICK ONE: There’s a 2 for 1 burger offer

Lately, time seems to go by at lightening speed! It was 1st October seemingly yesterday, and today it is the 12th! That means that you have approximately 2 weeks to enjoy the buy 1 burger get 1 burger free at Mihagrill house.


steakboard, burgers in uganda, beef burger kampala

I don’t know what is up with serving meals on a steak board but it seems to be all the rage lately.

This is one of the rare meals I have eaten where the food looks better than it does in the poster. This burger looks…sturdy. That might have to do with the fact that the bun is made ‘in house’-chef’s words. Using regular breakfast buns for burgers often yields sad results and these guys have gotten rid of the potential disappointment of that.

Because the bun is firmer, it can hold the fat patty and everything else in place without spilling.


Speaking of spilling, say goodbye to dry burgers, even without mayonnaise (I asked them not to put any of that stuff), the burger is juicy: run down your hand if you eat it carelessly standing up like I did juicy.The cool salad goes extremely well with the warm chips and burger.

steak board, burgers, beef burger

If you are a meat lover, you are going to be extremely impressed with how big the beef patty is.


I just love the texture of this bun. It’s a little coarse, the way whole wheat buns are, and makes a great foundation for this burger. The firm bun supports the juicy beef, the juicy beef supports the crunchy vegetables. The only thing I would have wanted more from this was cheese. More cheese, always.

For the rest of October, when you buy one burger, you get an extra one free (no chips).

The Classic goes for 20k, Grilled chicken burger 25k, The Big one, 30k. Hurry. This burger is a strong contender for the best burger awards.

Ps: I had a friend eat the second burger but you can go hard and have them both. He wanted mayonnaise and sauce and you can ask for that too. Let me know how it goes?

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