2020 has been one for the history books! But one thing that i think has been a lesson for everyone around the world is the importance of commnunity. Physical and otherwise. Despite everything that has been going on, you the readers, our little community, have been steadfast. Thank you!

There’s a lot of stuff we shall be leaving behind in 2021, a strong sense of community shouldn’t be one of them.

Alright, here are your most read articles of 2020.


This was the most read article by a long stretch. The word ‘Gonja’ was also one of the most searched words. Perhaps this had something to do with all the cooking at home that was going on during the lockdown.


Read the full article here:

3. in senteza kironde’s kitchen

The ‘King of African BBQ’ in the Untited States has a lot of fans both at home and abroad. He also introduced me to the Santoku knife.

Senteza Kironde, Sentie's kitchen

More of what’s in his kitchen here:

4. the newsletter

This is one of those things that i had hoped would be a regular in 2020. But such was the sudden change of things that a lot of the businesses could not advertise. Some even closed. Maybe next year?

The committment to help micro and small food businesses  and food entrepreneurs expand their client base is still strong.

Download it here:


Moonbean Chocolate managed to not just sell chocolate but peel back the curtain and show people how they make it. They went a step further and let people make some chocolate too! ‘I made chocolate this year’ is a nice addition to my 2020 accomplishments list. This was a treat and family fun all in one.

Doing it just once isn’t enough either.

Over here:

6. eating for your period

This was my absolute favourite article to write this year. (I promise that’s not why it’s on this list, it really was clicked a lot) Researching it was so eye opening that sometimes, i go back to it and apply some of the stuff in there.

Read the article here:

It’s always a joy to hear from a reader; these are the ways you can reach us-email at (double s, double e), Instagram, Facebook and the contact form on the Our story page.

That’s all folks!


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