In their Kitchen 7: HANNAT NABADDA

Curious about what the neighbours have in their kitchen? We are. That’s why we are taking a look into the kitchens of food lovers we know. Every other month, one of them will share 5 of their favourite ingredients and tell us why they love them so. This month we feature Hannat Nabadda of The Food Library.

Passionate creator of both food and pastries, Hannat Nabadda started The Food Library in 2015 shortly after graduating from Capsicum Culinary Studio. Operating as an online one woman shop, The Food Library prepares gourmet food and pastry delivered with a delicate and out of the norm presentation.

1. spatula

“Waste not, want not.”
When you need to scrape every last bit of sauce or cream out of a pan or container, this is it. I can’t imagine cooking without these in my kitchen. Always best to get one with a silicon top and wooden handle as the plastic handles tend to melt easily when left leaning against heated pots and pans.

2. non stick pans

I cook everything on a pan. The ratio of frying pans to pots in my kitchen is probably 4:1
When it comes to frying pans, always invest in good quality non stick pans, easy to clean and they never burn food.


3. black peppercorns

You know how salt enhances the flavor of food? Well black pepper enhances the flavor of salt. If you ever feel like a dish needs an extra dash of salt, add some crushed peppercorn instead and watch the flavor come together. Never too spicy, always the right kick. The perfect addition to just about any meal.



As a Private chef, I carry a lot of equipment out of my home kitchen to events. This hand held blender comes in…handy. Fantastic for blending sauces, smoothies & crushing biscuits and the like.



Santoku blade + Palate knife
The Whustof santoku blade has a great grip and sharp blade, guaranteed to compliment your knife skills. A good palette knife is essential for cake decorating.












Find, book and order from Chef Hannat  and The Food Library on Instagram and Facebook

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