I had The Meat Box the other day and I have good things to report. The meat is tasty, the portions big, the price friendly.

Here is what you will get for 25k.

1. A rib and a quarter piece of chicken

One of the best things about these meats is that they are roasted. If you want to cut back on fried foods, this is a good way to do it.

Next, is the fact that although the meat is tender, it is not OVER spiced. It hurts to eat roasted meat that is smothered in Royco. The chicken tastes like chicken, and not like batter with some chicken. The same goes for the pork.

Then the portions…my rib was almost the length of my arm, I am not making that up. The chicken is a FULL piece. As in a quarter-the one that other places cut to make 2 pieces. I’ll be honest, I ate this over two meals. I’m sure more serious carnivores would laugh at the suggestion of that though. LOL.


There is the option of a goat rib instead of pork if you prefer.

2. Burger

This burger/slider is different in a very good way. I could eat 6 of them. In fact, can we have a meat box with just these ? I think one of the reasons it tastes so fresh is that the chef grinds her own beef.

3. Salad sans mayonnaise

I am not the biggest fan of salad creams and mayo so I was relieved that there was none. The veggies are raw too, not blanched, and that crunch is a nice counter to the tender meat.

4. Chips

Where would we as the human race be without chips? The skinny fries are just the right companion for all that meatiness.

PS: I was literally salivating when i took these photos. Check The Meat box Ug’s instagram to see better ones.

One more thing,  the delivery thing can let down a system like this but I am glad to say that the boda man was nice and polite and arrived in no time at all. Of course, it is advisable to order a little earlier on 0752 820 160 and not when you are starving and cranky as a result.

Here’s the menu. Delivery charges apply.










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