I can already feel my meat eating friends rolling their eyes and clicking ‘next’, but stay with me.

I recently had the pleasure of eating a meal from Fresh UG  and i can tell you that it was tasty, soo filling and the juice was to die for.

Pasta. 20k


20210408_152847 (2)

At first sight, these mushrooms looked like shredded beef. That just shows you how attuned my mind is to meat. I need to say that when you toss the pack, or pour it out on the plate, you will find even more mushrooms hidden underneath.

20210408_153838 (3)

The first thing that hits you when you open the pack is a garlicky aroma. That gets the digestive juices flowing. It did mine anyway. The pasta is chewy, so are the mushrooms…but each has a different texture to the chewiness. So you won’t feel like you are eating the same thing. That was good. If you are looking for that overdone, over soft pasta, look elsewhere.

I haven’t yet figured out what sauce the penne was doused in but I will update when I do.

The juice. 15k

20210408_151009 (2)


When I took a sip of this juice, the word that came to mind as clear as day, was ‘YELLOW’. I now know what the colour yellow tastes like. Also, yellow is clearly very sweet.

I guessed the juice had some Mango? Pineapple? And…(insert side eye emoji) neem leaf?? I got 1 out of 3 right.


When I checked with Sandra over at Fresh, she confirmed that there was indeed pineapple. It was also the source of that sweetness, no sugar added. The green colour comes from mint leaves. This lighter juice was paired with the more filling pasta in order to deliver a balanced meal. 

If the fact that vegan meals are touted to be healthier isn’t enough to convince you to try one, consider the fact that vegan meals, such as this one, are extremely delicious.


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