2 pizza Calzones

January is over! You made it! Treat yourself to a pizza calzone at Bushpig.

In a way, the calzone is very understated. Just 3 ingredients. The pulled pork is extra juicy, the cheese adequate and stringy and the mushrooms chewy so you will get that um, range of textures. Hats off to the chef because those ingredients are very carefully calibrated. You will NOT take a bite that does not have all of the 3. I also tried my friend’s portion and the same was true.

Tantanmen at Yujo’s Yatai lab

I tell you i'm a sucker for soup. And this one, warm with just enough ginger was right on the mark. It makes you feel like your being hugged on both sides. Like you're in a hug sandwich. This i think is what they call food for the soul. Food to eat when you're heart is broken, food to definitely eat when you're hangover.