Shawarma at Meza

Those of a certain age will remember that Alzawade used to occupy that ka square and like me, marvel at the way Meza has filled it up! It’s like how babies make space of a tiny womb and just expand-just amazing.

Tantanmen at Yujo’s Yatai lab

I tell you i'm a sucker for soup. And this one, warm with just enough ginger was right on the mark. It makes you feel like your being hugged on both sides. Like you're in a hug sandwich. This i think is what they call food for the soul. Food to eat when you're heart is broken, food to definitely eat when you're hangover.

CHEF ALI- You need to speak the language of food

Photo: Michael O'hagan, @micoh on Twitter Chef Ali Mohammed Kandolo’s journey began from Nandos Uganda to training in Zimbabwe and then to working in several of Uganda’s top hotels. After 16 years of cooking professionally, Chef Ali still has big dreams for Uganda’s culinary industry.  The best advice I ever got was from chef Steven … Continue reading CHEF ALI- You need to speak the language of food