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For food’s sake eat started out as a pet project back in 2018.  One of the bright spots of my then work day was was Lunch time. Mr. Jones used to deliver and I ate every combination he had on the menu, some days I’d just say ‘njiyiza’ to mean ‘You decide’. The short version here is that I love food. I wrote my first review and that slowly grew into a real thing.

Food is powerful. Now we don’t only write reviews, we support entrepreneurs, we champion health through food, we go into the kitchens of other food lovers. We are changing but one thing’s for sure, we are ALWAYS going to celebrate good food.

Flip through for fancy food and ultra budget meal reviews, other things food and the most interesting street food we can land on. P.S, we only write about good food here. There are tonnes of bad food places, horrid ones, sad, make-you-cry ones. But why spend time and energy telling those stories? This is our way of force feeding some positivity into the world. Always excited to hear back from a reader! Follow, on Instagram, or Facebook or write and let’s talk food.

This is a food blog in Uganda.

That is an SEO phrase.

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